Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sagar Kinare …..

Just came back from a long walk along the sea . Its so rejuvenating …so fulfilling. Almost like a dream….a scene straight out of National geographic, something so beautiful that you pinch yourself hard to assure that it is real. After a day full of boring office work nothing makes me happier than a good walk. But one can never get such peace , such lovely soothing air and such colours in the sky in a metro. I went out just to click some photos and here is a sample of my evening photography.

The best part is that there were no overbearing noises- no honking of horns, no blaring loudspeakers and no sounds of TV from the neighbours’s apartment . And since these sounds were not there , one could hear the delicate sound of waves, hissing of evening air on coconut leaves and chirping of birds. Since there is no distraction , you can watch the ships coming back to the shore, beam of light from the lighthouse and the rocks beneath the translucent water . How I long for each day to end like this!!!!

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The Lass said...

scintillating pics~~
& walking by the sea is definitely another chance for self-discovery!